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Thank you for your interest in ClaimTek! This page is designed to provide an overview of our discovery and startup process, so you can decide if starting a Medical & Dental Billing and Practice Management business with ClaimTek is the best fit for you. I’ll be happy to answer all your questions to help you learn more about our business model. Please feel free to call my direct number any time or

ClaimTek personalizes the startup process for each Licensee to fit their unique circumstances. This business can be operated part-time or full-time, so our Licensees can build their business while they keep their current job, manage other businesses, or keep up with a busy family life. Work from home or an office, work with clients anywhere in the US, hire employees or use an owner-operator model… the flexibility is second to none. ClaimTek has developed a common framework that can be customized as needed:

Due Diligence 
The first step is to decide if this business is a good fit for you. Read the documents in the Download Center below, and watch the software presentations of our proprietary software MedOfficeDentOfficeEHR Manager, and VisitTek. Check out our YouTube channel for even more informational videos and testimonials. ClaimTek has three turn-key business startup programs you can start with based on your desired investment and goals for your business. You’ll find a document below that provides detailed income and expense projections for a ClaimTek business. Schedule time for an in-depth overview of our business programs or a Q&A session for a closer look at everything with no charge or obligation.


Medical Billing Market Research

Medical Billing outsourcing to reach $12.3B by 2030.

Business Startup Programs - Snapshot

Quick comparison between business program contents and investment.

3-Stage Business Training

Your business training includes 3 stages of one-on-one mentoring that integrates seamlessly with our marketing program to ensure licensee success.

How to Acquire Clients

ClaimTek will license you to use our trade names and federal trademarks, so you can advertise your company as having resources and stability on a national scale.

Income and Expense Projections

If you’re starting a business, it’s only natural that you want to know how much income you can earn, and how.

The startup process will vary slightly for each new business, though ClaimTek has developed a common framework (below) that will be customized to play to your interests and strengths:

Decision & Agreement

Once you have decided to join ClaimTek I will provide instructions to complete the agreement and payment, and you are officially a business owner and member of the ClaimTek team! Then we ship a package to you full of software, marketing material, training manuals, etc. and the startup process begins…

Stage 1 – Training & Certification

You will be assigned personal trainers to guide you through Stage 1 of training. Training sessions are remote and can be conducted 7 days a week—including evenings and weekends. Most Licensees complete Stage 1 in about 30-45 days by spending 10-15 hours per week devoted to learning. By the end of Stage 1, ClaimTek will certify you in Medical & Dental Billing and Practice Management while completing MedOffice & DentOffice software training. We will also help you get your website up and running and fine tune a go-to market plan that will work for you.

Stages 2 & 3 – Client Acquisition & New Client Onboarding

Stage 2 of ClaimTek’s Business Training is completely focused on marketing and client acquisition. ClaimTek provides one-on-one consulting each and every time you have a potential client to help you with pricing strategies, specialty-specific billing info, presentation and proposal planning, and closing strategies. Each practice is a little bit different based on specialty, size of practice, current billing procedures, etc. so ClaimTek will help you develop a unique proposal for each prospect

Stage 3 training takes place each time you sign up a new client. ClaimTek’s Support Specialists will help you set up each new client in the billing software, coordinate with a clearinghouse for claim submission, and even help you send out the first claims! This will ensure a smooth onboarding process for each new client with “refresher” training right when you need it most. Stages 2 & 3 of our Business Training are unlimited under ClaimTek support, which can stretch for years into the life of your business and include hundreds of hours of personalized training and consulting

Scale Your Business

Our Licensees can typically start signing up their first clients within about 90-120 days from their business start date. This includes those who who start part-time, so it is possible to grow more quickly. Even at a conservative pace, within 1-2 years our Licensees with 5-10 average clients can be generating $150,000+ per year with the ability to scale up much further. We have repeatedly seen that 1 client can lead to 10, which can lead to 20 and then 50 and so on… it’s really just a matter of logistics at that point.

I hope this is helpful in laying out the process of starting a business with ClaimTek. Please Schedule a Follow-up Call Here, or leave me a note using the form below. Having owned and operated 3 medical clinics myself and being on the Board of Director’s for a large hospital for the last 14 years, I can provide you first-hand insight about the business, which could clarify and help you understand the value propositions of ClaimTek’s business opportunity. I look forward to speaking with you further in the near future.


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