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ClaimTek’s Professional Medical & Dental Billing
Software Offers Advanced Features, Versatility And Flexibility.

When you work with ClaimTek, you are working directly with the software developer. ClaimTek offers a professional suite of modern software applications that can contribute greatly to your success as a dynamic billing & practice management company. Our MedOffice® (for medical billing) & DentOffice® software (for dental billing) are advanced, feature-rich, versatile systems that can handle all types of specialties and can be accessed online 24/7 from anywhere in the world or installed right on your computer! Our software contains 100s of analytics and graphic business reports that doctors will want to see some of it on monthly basis. You won’t get such depth and versatility elsewhere.

and capable of handling all specialties, and works on all platforms from the cloud to your desktop, laptop, and tablet. This way you can market and outperform with full confidence. Welcome to MedOffice!

ClaimTek’s MedOffice features a modern, comprehensive, and professional medical billing software systems for the busy office. Some of its features: Modern Design, Intuitive Data Entry, Robust Claim Entry, Dynamic Search Forms, Versatile A/R Module, Dynamic Claim & Statement Processing, Patient Statements, Collection Letters, Point-of-Sale, Superbill Generator, Extensive Reports, Stunning Graphics, HIPAA & Security, Document Scanning, Advanced Scheduling, Appointment Export, Credit Card Processing, Remote Synchronization, QuickBooks Integration, Insurance Narratives, Tasks & Journal, Email Capabilities, Data Export, Data Transfer, Code Import, S.O.A.P Notes, HL7 Link to EMR, Backup & Restore, Advanced Technologies, BillFlash Integration, Import From EHR, Import From Telehealth, Cloud Enabled, And more…

Access DentOffice on the ClaimTek cloud and perform all of your dental billing functions securely. Get the power of DentOffice anytime, anywhere! All of your data is backed up and secure so you can focus on your business. Amazing low monthly access fees special to ClaimTek program package holders. Only about 10% of going market rates!

Selling EMR/EHR Systems Is A Fantastic “Door Opener” For You To Reach Doctors And Promote Your New Business! Help doctors implement a certified Electronic Medical Record (or Electronic Health Record) EMR/EHR system to improve patient charting efficiency in their clinics and avoid Medicare and Medicaid penalties. All while creating a steady and amazing income stream for yourself!

At ClaimTek, our goal is to help you build a stronger relationship with doctors by bringing a state-of-the-art EHR system to them for less. As a ClaimTek licensee, you can help clinics implement EHR systems that improves productivity in their daily workload while avoiding lurking penalties by Medicaid and Medicare for doctors that do not use EHR. Clinics that participate in Medicare and Medicaid can be penalized a few dollars for every claim submitted to them if the clinic doesn’t use a meaningful use certified EHR system.

VisitTek is the telehealth system that was built with both your practice and your patients’ needs in mind. We believe that by helping you achieve your practice financial and managerial goals, we help you provide the best patient care possible.

Secure video call, multiple browser support, time-stamped session login, visit notification, interactive waiting room, smart provider notes, direct content access, friendly direct pay, billing capabilities, customizable interface, user profile management, complete visits history

Connect your billing software to ANY (EHR) Electronic Medical Record system on the market! With ClaimTek AI you will no longer need to worry about what software a medical provider is using for you to work and service their practice. You can work with them all and support any provider in healthcare with ClaimTek Systems and ClaimTek AI.

Streamline Data Flow Between MedOffice And EHR Software. HL-7 bridges your MedOffice billing system with doctor’s EHR system. It helps you and clinics go paperless! Help Your Doctor-Client Become Most Productive!

ClaimTek provides a seamless interface that bridges MedOffice practice management with HL7-compliant EHR systems. Users can transfer patient and appointment records from MedOffice to EHR and transfer claims information from EHR to MedOffice. Users have the choice to view and validate the transfer in the HL7 module before committing to MedOffice or the EHR system.

ClaimTek’s MedOffice MD Code Reviewer (MDCR) is a unique and versatile Medical & Dental Coding & Analysis software that Includes ALL current CPT, ICD-10, HCPCS & CDT Dental codes. This application has been designed to let you perform two primary functions:

  • Perform a look-up to verify accepted CPT, ICD-10, HCPCS & CDT codes.
  • Analyze the procedure codes to determine any possible revenue losses incurred from rejected claim fees due to incorrect codes.




This powerful MD Contact Manager software comes customized especially for your particular City or State. It contains names, addresses and telephone numbers of at least 300 qualified Medical and Dental sales leads in your area! These leads are grouped into categories based on their type of medical or dental specialty. This can assist you if you wish to focus your marketing efforts on one specific group at a time. The MDCM tracks all contacts and administrates your callback times, sales appointments, and correspondence.

ClaimTek’s MD Practice Analysis Wizard in the most comprehensive billing cost analysis software available. This application has been designed to let you compare the actual costs of the healthcare provider’s in-house billing operation versus the potential costs of outsourcing the billing operation to YOU as the professional billing service. The software produces convincing side-by-side tables and graphical comparisons of the results. This is a scientific and powerful marketing tool for your billing service.

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