When you work with ClaimTek, you don’t have to worry about what you are going to do to market your new business.

We will provide you with the ClaimTek 4-Part PowerMarketing Toolkit for Entrepreneurial Success. This is a complete kit that contains FOUR very powerful marketing elements. We invite you to examine the extensive professional items below and to visit our video presentation page to learn more about marketing your new medical billing business.

Even If You Have [ZERO] Experience, You’ll Learn How To Master

Marketing Planning

businesswoman and plan business strategy
  •   Marketing Planning
  •   Marketing Techniques
  •   STP
  •   Advertising Campaign
  •   Customer Relations

Business (B2B) Sales

Corporate Sales
  •   Decision Making
  •   Buying Influences
  •   Types Of Buyers
  •   Sale Closing
  •   More …

communication skills

  •   Gain respect win Appointments
  •   Deliver Effective Presentation
  •   Overcome Clients’ Objections
  •   Create Rapport
  •   Followup & Lead Nurturing

Overcome Competition

  •   Competitive advantage
  •   Customer Profiling
  •   Services Package
  •   SWOT Analysis

Use Technology

  •   Social Networks
  •   Re-Targeting
  •   Email Campaigns
  •   CRM
  •   More …

Utilize Your Toolbox

  •   Online Presence
  •   Printed Promotional Material
  •   Targeted Leads
  •   Surveys & Audits
  •   Live Consulting
  •   More …

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