Training Stage Three, We Team-Up With You

FREE Consulting Sessions When You Sign Up Clients!

The third stage takes place when you sign up your first account. Here, your trainer will give you a free refresher course on the software and also on the billing aspects for the specialty you just signed up. Your trainer will make sure all signup procedures are handled properly, will help you set up your client’s database, and also oversee the first transmission of claims to the clearinghouse. This great service is provided to you FREE!

With You Along The Way!

We take the trouble to work with you through these three stages because no one can simply learn every important aspect of the medical billing business at once. ClaimTek provides you with ongoing “consulting support” in addition to “technical support”. “Consulting support” is where you get to discuss specific issues with your trainer at length. This includes the vital issues of pricing strategies and any demands of the medical specialty at hand. No other company in this business provides the quality and comprehensive level of support as ClaimTek. As you might think, this kind of training process is clearly the most effective and helps you get started with confidence. Coupled with our world-class support you’ll go into the market with a solid training and support foundation to build on.

We hope that you will compare our extensive medical billing training carefully with that of other companies who offer medical billing software and training only once per month (or worse) and in a large classroom setting. Once you are trained in a classroom with them, you’ll hardly ever get any refresher courses or a chance to speak at length with an expert trainer. Your entire business venture depends on the tech support department where you get answers to your technical questions only. Some companies may offer telephone training but limit it to “software training only.” ClaimTek’s 3-stage medical billing training is the only one that maximizes your chances for the level of comprehensive knowledge that allows you a solid entry in the medical billing business.

Our marketing campaign materials and support are just as detailed as the training. We provide comprehensive and effective tools for a successful medical billing marketing campaign. After studying the training section, please visit our marketing section to learn more.