A Doctor’s Story: MedOffice Is The Best Software For Medical Billing

ClaimTek was much better than the rest of the software out there. In terms of scalability , in terms of proficiency. they really did a great job.

Paul Triolo MD

Airmont E N T Using ClaimTek Medical Billing & Practice Management Software

I have no hisitation recommending the software to any Doctor, Office, Hospital or Billing company

Airmont Ent Clinic

Everhart-McDonald Clinic Using ClaimTek Medical Billing & Practice Management Software

Training was fantastic, never any issues with that. any issues we had, were dealt with very quickly

Everhart-Mcdonald MD Clinic

ACCA Clinic Alaska Using ClaimTek Medical Billing Software

As a Non-Profit we are always conscious of our budget and careful with that. that’s why SydaMED is great. It has a lot of great functions available but it is also very economical.

ACCA Clinic Alaska

Success in Dental Billing Using ClaimTek’s DentOffice Software

I really enjoy the flexibility that this business gives me. ClaimTek has allowed me to become a part of a professional growing field.

Jesse C. Pulley

Medical Billing Business And My Experience With ClaimTek

They do give you private One-ON-One training which I really liked cause I’ve had no background what so ever in the Medical Billing industry so I needed that kind of support.

Mike Schwartz